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Water and Environmental Research Laboratory

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Dr. Prem B. Parajuli, Associate Professor
Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mississippi State University
130 Creelman St., Mail Box: 9632
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Phone: (662) 325-7350


Dr. Parajuli received PhD degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Kansas State University at Manhattan, KS, USA. He is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University.

At the national level, Dr. Parajuli actively engaged and provided leadership roles in both the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), and Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE).

Dr. Parajuli served as the ASABE/NRES liaison to the International Erosion Control Association (IECA - 2019-2021). He served as an Associate Editor for the ASABE journals (Trans. of the ASABE, Applied Engineering in Agriculture) since 2010. He has been a very active member in several ASABE professional committees (e.g. ecological engineering, hydrology, ASABE standards and nomenclature, erosion, stream, reservoirs and wetland); which helps the ASABE to continuously grow in the areas of Natural Resources and Environmental Systems management. Dr. Parajuli also served as an Associate Editor to the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (JCWRE), published by the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR); and Editorial Board member of the “Information Processing in Agriculture” an international Elsevier journal.

Dr. Parajuli served as the Secretary (2015-2016); Councilor-at-Large (2013-2014); Program Co-Chair for hosting annual conferences in 2015 and 2016; Chair for Ecological and Environmental Engineering; Session Chairs for several Environmental Engineering sessions including Watershed Water Quality Modeling. Dr. Parajuli received Presidential Citation Awards for the “Exemplary Service to the IBE by co-chairing 20th and 21st annual meetings” in 2015 and 2016; “Outstanding Session Chair Organizer” in 2014; and “Poster Session chair” in 2011.

Dr. Parajuli served as the Chair (2016-2017) for the USDA multi-state Project titled “S-1063: Quantification of Best Management Practices Effectiveness for Water Quality Protection at the Watershed Scale. He served as a Modeling Team Member for the “Conjunctive Water Management Work Group”, the Delta Sustainable Water Resources Task Force formed by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

At the University level, Dr. Parajuli served in the several committees including Geospatial Certificate Program; University Committee on Courses and Curricula (UCCC), Review panel on Special Research Initiative (SRI) grant proposals (CALS/MAFES), Excellence in Teaching Evaluation Committee at College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; ABE scholarship committee chair; Dept. head, and Faculty search committees. In addition, he has represented ABE Dept. head in several college level meetings in both Bagley College of Engineering and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Research Grants: Dr. Parajuli is a recipient of multiple USDA/NIFA as well as USDA/FAS National Competitive Grants as Principal Investigator (PI). He is a PI of over $2.5 million federal and local research funding. Dr. Parajuli regularly serves on nationally competitive grant review panels (e.g. USDA/NIFA, NSF). Dr. Parajuli published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles including book chapter, conference proceedings and technical presentations. His research areas include: monitoring, modeling and assessment of surface and ground water quantity and quality (sediment, nutrients, pesticide, bacteria) at field, watershed, and regional scales; evaluation of the benefits of conservation practices, crop systems and management through modeling; bio-energy crops and economic modeling of bio-gasification systems; land use and climate change impact on water resources; forest management impact; pathogen transport process; application of geographic information systems, global positioning systems, and remote sensing; and modeling natural resources and management systems.

Dr. Parajuli has supervised/advised: 1 visiting Professor, 1 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 13 PhD students, 8 MS students, and several undergraduate (BS) students. Dr. Parajuli's team currently studying on use of GIS and computer based watershed modeling tools to improve the quality of land, water, and environment which are essential to improve the human health and ecological systems including assessing the impacts of surface and ground water interactions due to conservation practices, climate change impact on water and environment, nutrient transport process in agroecosystems, bio-energy, feedstock engineering, and economic modeling.

Before continuing graduate degree in the U.S., Dr. Parajuli worked with UNDP/PDDP program in Nepal, where he used to manage more than $0.80 million U.S. dollar annual budget and supervise over 50 professional employees. He involved in program planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of integrated projects related to water, sustainable agriculture & natural resource management, education, women's empowerment, enterprise development, and public private partnership programs.

More academic achievements of Dr. Parajuli are available at: Google Scholar and Research gate

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